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Central Park was not built as a haven for the people of New York, but for something else entirely. Now the truth can no longer be contained. In one apocalyptic night, Edward Carnby must fight the unimaginable to reveal the earth-shattering secret of Central Park.
Edward Carnby must investigate shadowy conspiracies that surround Central Park in New York City.
this game i was waiting for release it i just found it in the market yesterday and ofcaurse i buy it whatever! the game is nice specially the sound tracks and the secrets are easy but the end of the game is very bad its have no meaning i was about to cry when i see the game credit its not cool end. any way this game mixed its have some parts like prince of Persia and some other times like tomb rider beside its like silent hill. anyway i give this game rate 5 because the control is not very good beside its give the player high tension and drive inside the game is not cool at all. advice to you if you going to play this game don't be very xited just play it for fun i mean come on i finish it in just 6 hours. good luck players i hope somebody enjoy it:P
I returned this game back to the store a few days ago. And to give all of you a impression of how many times I&#39;m so disappointed with a game that I return it to the store; the only other game I ever returned to the store was Lord of the Rings for the Super Nintendo in 1994. Anyway, I used to have this game for my XBox 360 and that is were I am basing this review on.<br/><br/>I really had high expectations of this game before it was released. I am a fan of survival horror-games and although The New Nightmare was also kind of a letdown, this game almost brings new meaning to the word &#39;frustration&#39;. I actually am the last guy to ever complain about bugs, since I am not much of a nitpicker and I usually go along playing the game but Alone in the Dark 5 just makes playing almost impossible because it is constantly irritating the player with bugs and other technical game-flaws.<br/><br/>A example: as you progress in the game, you will have to climb outside a giant building you&#39;r in. In the climbing-sequence that follows from there, I managed to actually climb on top of the building and outside the level. I even kept the game paused on that moment to show a few of my friends how the hell that is possible. Bugs like these are not small, and add to that that the controls really don&#39;t work and you&#39;ve got yourself a downright annoying &#39;game&#39;-experience. The driving-sequences also just seem to be there to show you the nice graphics. True; the graphics look impressive and are the only thing together with the very atmospheric and epic soundtrack that I actually enjoyed.<br/><br/>The game is also presented as a TV-show DVD (or something like that), and although it does set a nice vibe you can skip the game right to the end if you want, just like a DVD. I could go on forever about the bugs; there is also a first-person view available in this game, but it is really pointless since every time you perform a action the game automatically switches back to third-person view. This game also isn&#39;t scary what so ever. Resident Evil 4 was also very not-scary to the point that it feels more like a action-game then survival horror, and that is also how Alone in the Dark 5 feels sometimes; like a bad Resident Evil 4 ripoff. Alone in the Dark used to have a lonely, eerie, and desperate atmosphere but all that is scrapped and replaced with a Hollywood-type of directing, with the same annoying and tasteless characters who say the word &#39;fuck&#39; all of the time just to look cool.<br/><br/>If the people behind this game didn&#39;t obviously rush this game up, it could have been a nice action/adventure game. But now it is just a irritating experience that you want to avoid at any cost. Hopefully the creators will realize this flop and go back to the drawing-table with Alone in the Dark because the series really deserves a better fate then this.

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