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A hard-nose general takes over a division with a bad combat record.
Looks like the proponents of this film could use a little help. OK. Here it comes… Not being much of a historian, and stupid about discards from other pictures, I am unable to evaluate it with these things in mind. Perhaps this lesser intelligence accounts for my being entertained by this flick. It's about a newly-transferred General who concludes that somebody with access to his Command Post is tipping off the Germans with regard to his division's movements. I was not distracted by any inferiority in the easily-seen stuff, such as the acting, sound, lighting, writing, etc. Therefore, I was intrigued by the effort here to identify the source of the "leak". I, for one, would say that FIREBALL FORWARD (which refers to the nickname of the headquarters of the top brass) is worth reconning, and is no more of a gamble as to whether you'll like it or not, than most other movies.
I can&#39;t remember having seen this wartime mystery thriller since the Seventies, but I loved having the great performances throughout recalled to me as I just rewatched it yesterday on Youtube. It&#39;s one great result they have obtained here, the level of drama not limited at all by the TV-level budget. Naturally the special effects are at a minimum and I value it all the more for that. <br/><br/>Ben Gazzara is tops in the kind of authoritative role he was best at – a dogface who made it up tomajor general through field promotions – adding charismatic color andnever falling into the trap of leaning back on their laurels as the likes of staple character stars Ernest Borgnine, Robert Ryan or Carroll O&#39;Connor sometimes did in &quot;bigger&quot; war movies of the day. Eddie Albert is good as always in an ambiguous role, Ricardo Montalban very good, along with Dana Elcar, L.Q. Jones and others in what must be called an ensemble effort. Even Morgan Paull, a lesser-known juvenile second lead of the day, added to the whole as a shell-shocked corporal. For this, a theme too deep for today&#39;s TV-watchers, and the excellent pacing and plot, I give it an unreserved 9/10 as an absorbing way to pass an hour and a half.

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