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Alice awakes at home with her daughter Becky and her husband. But soon she realizes that she is actually in an Umbrella Corporation's underground facility. Out of the blue, the computer security system shuts-down and Alice flees to the central control room of the facility. She meets Ada Wong, who works with Albert Wesker, and she learns that a five-man team has been sent by Wesker to rescue them. However, the Red Queen sends Jill Valentine and Rain to hunt them down.
The Umbrella Corporation's deadly T-virus continues to ravage the Earth, transforming the global population into legions of the flesh eating Undead. The human race's last and only hope, Alice, awakens in the heart of Umbrella's most clandestine operations facility and unveils more of her mysterious past as she delves further into the complex.
The Resident Evil franchise began in 2002 and has been pumping out sequels ever since. The mastermind behind this series is none other than Paul W.S. Anderson who has had an incredibly spotty career as a director with only a couple of films being solid. While the first Resident Evil was a solid B- movie, the series has gotten gradually dumber and more ridiculous with each passing film in the franchise. While the series has never been known for its high quality of film making, they have been more or less a fun way to pass the time. Does Retribution do anything to excite the series or is this fifth entree three too many?<br/><br/>Read Full Review:
Greetings from Lithuania.<br/><br/>I&#39;m a big &quot;Resident Evil&quot; game fan. To me, first three &quot;Resident Evil&quot; games and later fourth were among the best video games ever. I&#39;ve played first two games hundreds of times. And then the movie came out. The first &quot;Resident Evil&quot; film wasn&#39;t bad, neither it was good. The second part probably was the best, only because it was the closest to the material. Now with the fifth installment i can safely ask - why in the name of fans they are putting title &quot;Resident Evl&quot; in the front of this movie and series? It&#39;s NOT the &quot;Resident Evil&quot; i know. It&#39;s just MIla Jovovich every two years playing some kind of character in some kind a world that somehow supposed to be relative to Resident Evil game franchise. But it&#39;s not. They (creators of movie franchise) are just putting names from game series in to a movie series without ANY connection at all. In this fifth movie i saw a character of Barry, from the first &quot;Resident Evil&quot;. I recognized him just from his costume. But so what? How is he connected to this movie nonsense series at all? &quot;Resident Evil&quot; the one i love became some kind a creepy family business (you know what i mean) for a B list star (once an A list star) and a shitty director. Please, STOP. I really hope and inside of me i really believe that one day some good movie maker will reboot this mess that is done now, like Ch.Nolan rebooted Batman. I believe that in rebooted series characters from the game will be CHARACTERS, not just the names thrown in for the marketing purposes. I hope that in rebooted series there will be plot. God, i so hope that after seeing that movie in a theater i will walk out and say, &quot;you know what, now that was a great &quot;Resident Evil&quot; movie. Hey, can you even remember that trashy series now?&quot;
A few striking images keep our attention – like evil warrior Rain (Michelle Rodriguez) seated menacingly with an assault rifle on a playground swing in the 'burbs. But the film's title promises payback, without offering ample compensation.
However, the novelization of Extinction explains that she was killed by Alice, while Alice was being controlled by the Umbrella Corporation in Detroit. The lack of an onscreen explanation has left viewers confused, since she was an important character because her father was the among those who invented the T-virus in order to heal her from some disease perhaps the same thing that rendered her father wheelchair-bound. There is a scene where Ada and Alice meet. Ada tries to explain who she is, and Alice interrupts her: &quot;Ada Wong. Operative for the Umbrella Corporation, one of Albert Wesker&#39;s top agents. I know exactly who and what you are&quot;. They have never met in the previous movies but, as Alice is an ex Umbrella soldier who used to protect the entrance to the Hive, it is likely that she had information about other agents and soldiers. The Umbrella Corporation was trying to understand how to control the biohazard. That is why they built the prime test facility in Russia. In Raccoon City, they even sent Nemesis to fight against Alice as it was the perfect moment to test the biohazard in the real world. It is likely that there was only a minimal defense systems in The Hive, as it was a scientific underground laboratory not a military installation. That may be why the Red Queen was trying to avoid spreading the virus there. Matt, Alice and Lisa wanted to make public the intentions of the Umbrella Corporation of selling the T-virus to the bio war. Alice, Becky, Leon, and Luther escape the underwater facility and make it out onto the Arctic ice. Suddenly, the ice begins to crack under their vehicle, and an Umbrella submarine pokes through the surface. A door opens, and Jill, the &quot;bad&quot; Rain, and a handcuffed Ada emerge. In front of them, Rain injects herself with the Las Plagas parasite in order to gain extra strengths. Jill and Rain then attack, Alice, Lyon, and Luther. Red Queen orders Jill to terminate Project Alice but, just as she is about to kill her, Alice pulls the red scarab from Jill&#39;s chest, releasing her from Red Queen control. Rain kills Luther, and Alice kills Rain by shooting the ice under her feet, causing her to fall into the water where the Las Plagas zombies descend upon her. Alice, Leon, Becky, Ada, and Jill, her memory now restored, are picked up in a helicopter and flown to a heavily-barricade White House, where Wesker has set up headquarters. The minute Alice walks into his office, Wesker rushes over and injects her with the T-virus, restoring her former powers and telling her that she is the ultimate weapon in the fight against the Red Queen&#39;s determination to destroy all life on Earth. In the final scene, Wesker, Alice, Leon, Jill, and Ada stand on the roof of the White House, looking out over Wesker&#39;s forces as they fight to keep hordes of zombies outside the gates. &quot;This is humanity&#39;s last stand…the beginning of the end,&quot; says Wesker. No, after the credits start rolling, the movie is over. It is never mentioned in the movie. However, there are clues that might indicate that she is a clone throughout the franchise. In Retribution, it is said that the Umbrella Corporation has made many simulations and recreations of outbreaks. It is likely that the Alice of the first movie is a clone put in the Hive to protect the entrance because in Extinction there are other clones of her being tested in a simulation environment very similar to The Hive and even with the same clothes. At the end of Apocalypse, Alice is killed by a pipe and burned in a Helicopter crash. Then an Umbrella&#39;s medical team arrives and takes the body to the Detroit facility where it is not clear if she came back to life because the virus has healed her or if she was cloned, however it is likely that she was cloned because, she was kept in a liquid environment and she couldn&#39;t remember anything at first just like the clones from Extinction. The memories are imprinted in the clones, as mentioned in Retribution, but some of it might come back as flashbacks because it is said that the clones are connected in some way. In Extinction, every time a clone dies, the &quot;Original Project Alice&quot; has some kind of reaction, and at the end when she stares at the picture of her wedding, (just like in the first Resident Evil) she gets attacked by the Tyrant. In Retribution, where one of the Suburbia clones awakens, it seems she has memories from all the past events. The last clues are presented when Ada Wong telling Alice about the clones. She said that Alice was one of the 50 basic models in testing environments in which she might be a businesswoman, a housewife or a soldier working for Umbrella. In Retribution&#39;s clone factory, Alice looks very similar to the clones. Every time that Alice awakes in Umbrella&#39;s installations, clone or original, the scar on her shoulder seems to be fresh. Further insight is provided in the sequel, The Final Chapter. Ada was supposed to use her favorite firearm Blacktail, a Springfield Armory XD pistol, from the Resident Evil 4 game. In this film, however, she uses a Glock 17. Leon was supposed to use his favorite firearm Silver Ghost, a Heckler &amp; Koch USP pistol. In this film, however, he uses a Para-Ordnance P14 Limited. Of the 21st century&#39;s first three Resident Evil games, the voice actors who didn&#39;t reprise their roles were Paul Haddad (remake), Paul Mercier (RE4, Degeneration, The Darkside Chronicle), Christian Lanz (Operation Raccoon City), and Matthew Mercer (RE6, Damnation). They played Leon Scott Kennedy and were all replaced by Johann Urb. Jensen Ackles was considered for the role of Leon. Richard Waugh (Code: Veronica X, REØ, RE4), Peter Jessop (remake), D.C. Douglas (The Umbrella Chronicles, RE5, TDC) played as Albert Wesker and were all replaced by Jason O&#39;Mara (Extinction) who was later replaced by Shawn Roberts (Afterlife, Retribution, The Final Chapter). Barry Gjerde (original), Ed Smaron (remake), Jamieson Price (RE5) played as Barry Burton and were all replaced by Kevin Durand. It appears that there are four homages: (1) the simulated U.S. neighborhood scene from <a href="/title/tt0363547/">Dawn of the Dead (2004)</a> (2004), (2) Alice and Becky hiding in the house&#39;s bedroom closet from <a href="/title/tt0077651/">Halloween (1978)</a> (1978), (3) Alice rides the industrial elevator up to rescue Becky as in <a href="/title/tt0090605/">Aliens (1986)</a> (1986), and (4) Leon looking through binoculars for a way into a facility that looks very similar to the shield generators in <a href="/title/tt0080684/">The Empire Strikes Back</a> (1980). While Alice searches for the Licker to rescue Becky, who is presumably still alive, Leon, Luther, and Barry are attacked by the Umbrella forces. If all three of them ride the elevator, the Umbrella soldiers will easily navigate the hallway and the strike team will be instantly killed. As Barry stays in the hallway, this will delay Umbrella&#39;s advances against the strike team. Plus, he had already been wounded by the Licker, in all probability, he could have been infected. In Resident Evil: Afterlife, Claire&#39;s scarab device is removed after Alice knocks her down unconscious. At the Arcadia, K-Mart&#39;s scarab device is removed while she is awake. In Resident Evil: Retribution, Jill, under the device&#39;s control, is about to kill Alice. Alice removes it from Jill&#39;s chest, and she eventually destroys it. Jill retains her memory and helps Alice to kill the &quot;evil&quot; Rain clone. Apparently, there are two kinds of scarab devices. In Afterlife, a drug is injected and seems to cause memory loss, while the Retribution device contains several chipsets and looks more like a gadget than a drug injector.
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